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Little Red Riding Hood 


My Veiw 

*I read little red riding hood, the newest at that and watched the movie, it was good not much a difference from the movie and book.*



 Little Red COLORS by `pacman23 on deviantART













     Little Red Riding Hood


Hey there Little Red Riding Hood,

You sure are looking good.

You're everything a big bad wolf could want.

Listen to me.

Little Red Riding Hood

 I don't think little big girls should

Go walking in these spooky old woods alone.


What big eyes you have,

The kind of eyes that drive wolves mad.

So just to see that you don't get chased

 I think I ought to walk with you for a ways.
What full lips you have.

They're sure to lure someone bad.

 So until you get to grandma's place

I think you ought to walk with me and be safe.

I'm gonna keep my sheep suit on

Until I'm sure that you've been shown

 That I can be trusted walking with you alone.


Little Red Riding Hood

 I'd like to hold you if I could

But you might think I'm a big bad wolf so I won't.


What a big heart I have-

the better to love you with.

Little Red Riding Hood

Even bad wolves can be good.

I'll try to be satisfied

 just to walk close by your side.

Maybe you'll see things my way

 before we get to grandma's place.

Little Red Riding Hood

You sure are looking good

You're everything that a big bad wolf could want.

Owoooooooo! I mean baaaaaa! Baaa?


Riding Hood Poems and Quotes: 










this is kindof a condradictry from the actual original story, the original storie says that little red riding hood

almost dies by the wolf and the grandma gets eaten but in the newest red riding hood

it states red riding hood is the wolfs daughter, she connects and understands the wolf, and the wolf bites her boyfriend with the intentions to kill him but doesn't, making him a wolf

then her boyfreind goes away forced by the erge that he might attack her, anyways she and the wolf are in love and the book pans out way different than the

original book. youll just have to read it or watch the movie. I did both



What Big Teeth_Red Riding Hood's Real Life.jpg

the're in love!.......is that safe?


i do beleive that somewere in our atmosphere there are such things as mistical creatures like warewolfs, dragons, faries, angels, goblens, and other things like that.
















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