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Brian's Winter 



Summary-  Well my thoughts about this book are that its about survival. Brian is thirteen and is the only one that survived the plane wreck. He is stranded somewhere in the Canadian wilderness. He had to rely on his skills until he found a emergency pack on the crashed plane. Well this interested me because i like books that are adventurous and have lots of action. Also he found a gun which would be important because of animals. Then he decided that he will probably run out of bullets. So then he made a bow with arrows so he can hold off using the bow before actually having to use the gun.but one day Brian was off dinking around and a bear slightly destroyed the shelter but not real bad. And then one night Brian woke up to a bear trying to get to his deer meat that he forgot to put away. But the bear grabbed him and threw him around like a rag doll lucky he didn't get hurt. But then he carries out bad luck until the day he found the Cree trappers.




Memorable parts-   Well a memorable part in the book is that when Brian wakes up during the middle of his sleep being between a bear and the venison meat he had left out. Well i remember this part because it similar to an event that happened this summer. our family went on a hiking trip to cow creek meadows up by smith creek. Well on the first night my and all the guys were up talking while every one was asleep. and my uncle Barry howled a couple of times and a whole pack of wolves were around us. So i can relate to this by know what it feels like when there is a bunch of preditors surrounding you.  



Song Link-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQ3qJmgktS0




Quote"Time seemed to stop."

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