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parkers page of nothin but the truth

Page history last edited by parkerd 12 years, 6 months ago

This is Parkers page and my book is.....



My Side of the Mountain

by: Jean Craighead George


"No," I said, "but I am running away from home and this is just the kind of forest I have always dreamed I would run to. I think i'll camp here tonight." I hopped out of the cab.



he laughed. Everybody laughed at me. Even dad. I told dad that i was going to run away to great-grandfather Gribley's land. He had roared with laughter and told me about the time he had run away from home.


This book reminded me of the time I tried to run away from home. I was 6 or 7 and I thought it would be a good idea to run away from home because I knew how to live in the woods and kill deer with my bear hands and fish with homemade hooks and line. To make a long story short i rode my bike about 100 yards down the driveway and hid behind a tree. After about 20 minutes I got cold and rode home!



This book reminds me of the song "country boy can survive" By Hank Williams Jr.




berated- to scold, to acuse or to blame.


wood pewees- a small woodland bird much like a chick-a-dee



recipie from the book


scrub mussels in spring water. dump them into boiling water with salt. boil five minutes. remove and cool in the juice. take out meet. eat by dipping in acorn paste flavored with a smudge of garlic, and green apples.


comments on the book


i like this book because it is mostly true. as in like the things that happen in the book also could happen to a real person living in the wild. catching trout out of a stream, digging mussels, finding acorns. those are all things that you could do in real life. its not some crazy thing like killing a deer with rocks or something completely not going to happen in real life.                                  




My 2nd book is called The Road. The road takes place in the future sometime. The world has ended leaving few survivors to try to make the best of what didnt burn. A father and son are walking down the highways scavaging whatever food they can find and puttin it in their shoppin cart. The days are freezing and the nights are even colder. When it snows it is grey and when it rains the ash and rain make a soupy sloppy mess on the road. Life is tough and food is scarce. There are cannibals on the road. They capture people traveling the road and chain them in the basement of a house.




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