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My book's Called.. Go With Me by Eastle Freeman Jr.









 "-They take all you've got. Actions, bad actions, good ideas, bad ideas, talk, love, trouble, every kind of lie-- they'll hold them all. "



This book is about this mysterious stalker name Blackway and how he begans to follow the new wonman in a tiny town, and he starts to do somethings that just go over the line. 


  Blackway is trying to hunt the young woman. Blackway kills her cat Annabell and chases her boyfriend Kevin outta town. The young woman went to the sheriffs and said what Blackway has been doing. Sheriff said to go to this mans name Whizzer and he tells her what she should do. Whizzer tells her to run and get out of town. THe young woman says that she doesnt run from anything. Whizzer tells her to kill him. The young woman said she couldnt do something like that.



Whizzer and some of the boys go and talked to Blackway and things start to cool down.

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