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Myy Book(:

Baby, I'm Yours

by: Stephanie Bond

its a LOVE story<33 this guy (Emory Maxwell) and this girl (Shelby Moon) have been in love since they were in second grade.. well basically. they were each others first love(: aww.. *Emory knew shelby would be the only one for him* well they did grow up together. in a little town ((with a population of 950)) called Sweetness(:

Shelby was definetly daddy's little girl. she worked at his grocery store in sweetness. and soon would own it. while she spent her days in the store, Emory had joined the army. They hardly saw each other:'( even though they talked constantly... well, whenever they got a chance.

Emory got to come home for 5days, on leave. and since he knew shelby would always be the one for him, he was gonna ask her to marry him. Mr. Moon never did like emory. he didnt like anybody that wanted his daughter to leave the small town of sweetness. so as soon as emory got home he arranged to meet Mr. Moon to ask for his blessing before he married shelby.

as soon as emory asked. mr. moon said No:'( mr. moon didnt want his daughter to move because he couldnt protect her if she was somewhere else. emory was frustrated that he had said no. and said he would ask her anyways. with or without his blessing. then.. out of spite.. emory asked shelby.. in a very big way. he went to mr. moon's grocery store (where shelby was working) and went to the intercom and asked her over that. just knowing mr. moon was there and he wouldnt be happy.

Shelby Said No even though he was the love of her life. she let her pride get in the way of knowing how much emory really loves her. and she threw the opertunity of being forever happy away. after he had asked her, a VERY unexpected tornado was coming in to the little town, that was in a mountain??! emory had been at the water tower thinking about what he had just done and what he was gonna do to fix it. he saw the tornado and had remembered the alarm at the top of the water tower. he pulled it and saved many peoples lives.

the tornado hit and the town was in panic. shelby and the costumers at the moon's store had gone down into the store's basement where they had been safe. except for the fact that all the rubble had caved them in. but emory dug them out(: while digging he talked to himself about how much he loved shelby and how much he wanted to marry her and what not. when everybody got out shelby turned to emory and said "Yes" emory replies "what?" shelby said.. "i'll marry you" :D whoo! so then mr. moon came out of the basement and told emory that he'd give them his blessing and that he had heard everything emory had said while digging and he knew shelby would be in good hands.

soon after the town had found all the things they need for their wedding. they got married and everybody had to leave the town because it was destoryed so much and thats about it.. THE END(:

Comments (5)

gabyi said

at 9:22 am on Nov 3, 2011

Heyyyy Girlie(: ily(: always n forever!(:

aubreyt said

at 9:37 am on Nov 3, 2011

aww ily too!! jordan&&Tyler Forever N' ever(:

gabyi said

at 9:55 am on Nov 3, 2011

Yes!!(: Cant you see always and forever.. U && Me(:

aubreyt said

at 11:20 am on Nov 4, 2011

Ohh myy! That's from my poem! Hahha;)

gabyi said

at 10:25 am on Nov 14, 2011

Awee!!! TyTyler!(: Thats such a cute little story!!!((:

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