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This is the book cover.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I I read wild man island its author is Will Hobbs and it has 184 pages in it. It is a really good book if you like the out doors and adventure. It is about this kid named Andy Gallows and he is four teen years old and his dad died when he was younger and he has never been to were he died at he was a entomologist and he slip ed off a rock when he was on a water fall. and to make it a short story and saved up one and a half years to get money so he could go on a kayak trip and it was 2:45a.m in the morning in the night on the last day of the trip he decides to leaves in the middole of the night and goes to the falls where his dad died at when the tide is down he leaves and gets there and he gets on a tree were his mom told him that his dad set a silk stone rock of a canoe and he found it and put it back on the rock and he stayed to long and the tide got high and he got off cores and got stuck on a island and eat see weeds and some berry's and one fish that a bird drop-ed to say alive and he seen one person and he has been trying to figyour out why he is there and how he got there and he has seen a black dog running with a pack of wholes around the island. one of the lessons i learned was to be ready for any thing to happen at any moment of your life because you can have every thing going for you and it can all be taken away in a second!!!!

I just read "Back country bowHunting a guide to the wild side"  


Is by Cameron R. Hane'

          It is a really good book about the out doors and how never give up on hunting even if it is not going how you would like it. It's 287 pages long but every page just makes you want to read more and more. At first he didn't want to share his hunting story's because he thought that he would see people were he loves to go to get away from every think and do what he loves to do. He gets alto of trophy's in this book there are sever hunts where it is going how he wants it to but he sticks with it and ends up going home with a trophy elk or mule deer even so white tail deer, caribou and bear and a ot of unforgettable memory's. One of the best quotes he has is "learn to control your fear or your fear will control you" I personal think that is a true statement.


Hunting:is the practice of pursuing living animals.

Archery:is the art, practice or skill of shooting with bow and arrow. Archery has historically been used hunting.

Bow:an archery weapon that uses elasticity to propel arrows.

Fletchings:are found at the back of the arrow and provide a small amount of drag used to stabilize the flight of the arrow.

Arrow:is a pointed projectile that is shot out of a bow.

This is Cameron's Equipment List

  • Bow: Hoyt AlphaMax

  • Arrows: Easton Full Metal Jacket 400, dipped, with Blazer vanes, 420 grains finished weight

  • Broadheads: Montec 85’s by G5 Outdoors

  • Sight: 7DP by Spot-Hogg with the Hogg Wrap

  • Rest: Drop Zone by Trophy Ridge

  • Stabilizer: Fuse

  • Cable Slide: Hoyt

  • String: Winner’s Choice Custom Bowstrings

  • Camo: Realtree Max-1

  • Outer Wear: Under Armour in Realtree

  • Stocking Hat: Under Armour

  • First Layer Gear: Under Armour

  • Optics: Swarovski 10×42 ELs with Bino-System

  • Rangefinder: Nikon

  • Other: Sims Vibration Labs products

  • Release: Scott Little Goose

  • Boots: Cabela’s Alaska Hunter

  • Pack: Badlands 4500

  • Water Container: 96 oz. Platypus

  • Water Purification: Potable Aqua - active ingredient, Iodine

  • Headlamp: Cyclops

  • Sleeping Bag: Marmot Hydrogen

  • Shelter: Outdoor Research Bivy Sack

  • Sleeping Pad: Therm-A-Rest ¾ length fold up style Packer Creek Bow Packer

  • Socks: Under Armour synthetic

  • Main Staple: Military Meals-Ready-To-Eat

  • Supplements: Wilderness Athlete

    This is his training Gear


  • Head to Toe Under Armour

  • Watch: Under Armour

  • Shoes: Asics

    This is his music list

  • iPod: Jason Aldean, 2Pac, Miranda Lambert, Akon, Eminem, Tim McGraw, Nelly, Too Short, Conway Twitty, Fergie, Rhett Akins

  • Motivation: To be the best bowhunter I can be!

      These are some hunting pics!!


Bowhunting Trophy Blacktail   Cameron Hanes 












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paul bonnell said

at 4:55 pm on Jan 20, 2009

What's one of the lessons of the book--be ready for anything?

Ricky said

at 3:06 pm on Jan 21, 2009

looks good

SamP said

at 9:23 am on Mar 12, 2009

dude im sorry but your spelling sucks man but good job bro

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