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"There are so many times when you need to make a quick escape, but humans don't have their own wings" 



That is obsoluly true but what if we had the wings we could get a quick escape where ever you wanted go or that place that makes you feel better, were there is peace and caiyet that place wood be the one every one would esayerd  the good relaxing place of theme all were there dremes come true and nothing to overcome were no fear is presented .   











 The book is




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v  "There are many complex erudite answers to all these questions, which men have thought about for many thousands of years, and about which they have written many thousands of books. Yet at the end of them all, when one has put away all the books and all the words when one is alone with oneself, when one is all alone with god, what is left in one's heart? Just this: I wish we had loved Johnny more"

v All that goes into a brain-the goodness, the wit, the sum total of enchantment in a personality, the very will indeed the ego itself-being killed inexorably, remorselessly,by an evil growth! Everything that makes a human being what he is,the inordinately subtle and exquisite combination of memory,desire, impulse , reflective capacity, power of association, even consciousness-to say nothing of sight and something so taken for granted as the ability to chew – is encase delicately in the skull, working there within the membranes by processes so marvelously interloked as to be beyond delief.”









1.exhortation-the act of practice of exhotie the act of inciting to laudables deds;incitement to that which is good or commendeble.

2.astrocytoma-a tumor of hervous tissue derived for interstitial cell in which the cells are relatively well-differentiated and resemble astrocytes.

3.neurological-of or pertaining to neurology

4.radiologists-is the branch or speciality of medecinethat deals with the study and application of imaging technology like x-ray and radiation to diagnosing and treating disease.

5.appealingly-that appeals;imploring

6.rearranging-put into a new order or arrangement

7.indomitable-not to be subdued;untamablr;as an indomituble will, courage,  animals

8.solidified-tomake solid or compact

9.dumfounded-to strike dumbi to confuse with astonishment

10.              compromise- to make concession for concilation

11.                quaverring-to tremble; to vibrate; to shake

12.                vigorous-full of physical or mental strength or active force

13.                desmostration- The act of demonstrating; showing or explaining something






































































































































































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