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Blackhawk Down






  • UH-60 Blackhawk- an army issue helicopter with a capacity of 8 soldiers and 2 pilots (max). Has 2 30-caliber chainguns and 12 Air-To-Ground rockets. 
  • AH-6/MH-6 Little Birds- a small manueverable helicopter with 2 side benches for soldiers. Carries 2-6 shot rocket cylinders and to 20 caliber chainguns.
  • Charlie Pack- an army issue backpack that is used for carrying supplies (aammo,food rations, and water). 
  • Skinny- a black or Iraqi enemy firing upon a convoy/squad/ or base. Also referred to as the Mogadishu people.  
  • Aidid Militiamen- Iraqi fighter that battled against the Army Rangers in the Somalian War. 
  • Convoy- a group of hummers and/or delivery and supply trucks, escorted by armed soldiers. Used for transporting Aidid's cabinet to base.


  • "Look, you guys, I know it's my first time as chalk leader, but, uh, this isn't our first time out together. This is serious. We're Rangers, not some sorry-a$# JROTC. We're elite. Let's act like it out there."
  • "Stop the vehicle. Let me out."
  • "Nothing takes five minutes!"
  • "We just lost the initiative."
  • "Well, I came here to kick some a@#."
  • They're shooting at us! Colonel, they're shooting at us...","Well, shoot back!"
  • The humvees ain't coming back, dude.
  • "Only the dead have seen the end of war."


Lord Foul's Bane 


Quotes from the book " Lord Foul's Bane"-

" I am a leper, this is not possible."

" If you don't do this our world will fall."

" He has shown mercy, he has hurt the earth and not you." 


Pictures Relating to the Book  



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