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                      This is the cover of my book. 


                    This is the book that 

                                      I read. 

  1.  This book is about the behavior of elk in there natural habitat. Like the caribou, the elk is an animal that lives in herds and many of its responses are based on this instinct, but nonetheless, herding behaviors of elk can vary somewhat from season to season. Mature bulls stay away from cows and calves most of the year. During calving season, the cows are scattered widely in small groups. Once the spotted calves are able to walk, the females will then assemble into larger groups. It is common to see as many as 30 elk in a herd in Wyoming or Montana around July. Elk are shy and very suspiciou of human beings unless accustomed to them since birth as in the case of many domesticated animals.


    2.    The book is also gives you tips that can help you in the feild.                      


The best hunters have learned that the wind shifts constantly, and must be continuously monitored.  The wind is alive... it flows like moving water, carrying your scent of danger to a supersensitive nose.   The Elk WILL SMELL YOU BEFORE YOU SEE THEM.


            2.CONTROL YOUR SMELL

Wearing outerwear washed in non-scent soap and stored in a clean plastic bag.  Take care to never touch anything with the bare skin when traveling to and from your Elk Stand will make all the difference in the world.  

And for goodness sake, be sure to go to the bathroom only in camp... The Elk can smell human waste a mile off! 

               3.KEEP THAT MOUTH SHUT!              


Elk have very sensitive ears regardless of what other hunters say about Elk.  I have experienced it far too many times to be proven wrong.   Their hearing is just as good as their eyes, and they can see Orange... GO WITH CAMO at all times and keep that red and hunter orange in the pack!

 3.    And the book talks about real hunts that the author has done. 

Just wanted to share the authors hunting story in his words ok here we go. Last weekend I went elk hunting with three friends and we all split up. I started hunting up this beautiful ridge and decided to make my way over threw the draw. I started following some fresh elk tracks which soon turned into mountain lion tracks too. I then turned to start back up to meet the ridge I was originally hunting on. I kept hearing something behind me. At first I thought it was gae or those dam squirrels then I thought I was crazy and just being paranoid. After about 45 minutes of hearing something behind me, turning around to see nothing there...I finally spotted a mountain lion stalking me. It would hide every time I turned around. Thinking to myself "OH SHIT" I starting hiking faster and harder and the noise kept getting closer. I turned around to find the mountain lion 50 ft behind me in the bushes crouched down in pounce mode. So I shot my gun towards the lion just above it in the trees. I did not stick around to see what he did or how big he was....I got out of their quick. My heart races every time I retell this story. I have never had such a creepier feeling than I did while I was being followed. The human intuition is amazing. Be careful out their if you are hunting around Missoula I have talked to several friends who have similar instances this year. Watch your back and good luck hunting.




















                          Elk out in the wild. 






                                   They call this one the spider elk.

                                        This bull has 9 points on the left and 14 on the right. 

                                        YouTube plugin error  






                                  october sky 


                                        By cody g & kassy v






This is the story that I read. 








Growing up in a small mining town in West Virginia, the future of many of it's young teens were obvious: they would become miners. When 14 year old Homer Hickam, Jr. witnessed the Soviet sattellite, Sputnik fly over Coalwood, WV, he knew he was destined to change the inevitable. Watching Sputnik soar across the night sky helped to inspire Homer and a small group of his friends to to build and launch their own homemade rockets, thus leading to a local uproar. Before long the boys are able to end the discouraging remarks, and win over the hearts of many, including their chemistry teacher, Miss Riley who helps lead them in the direction to secure their prosperous futures... by attending college. 



Homer Hickam 


This is the real homer hickam.




This is one of the rockets homer and hiss gang of firends made and launched. 



 A coal mine in coalwood , wv

































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paul bonnell said

at 7:42 pm on Jan 13, 2009

What hunt of the author's stood out to you the most? Does he have engaging, interesting stories?

paul bonnell said

at 7:43 pm on Jan 13, 2009

The spider elk photo is mind boggling!

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