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(; sammy J's page of fantasy :p

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One Big Desert full of thousands of Dragons then theres the one they call

Azhei  Dragon Prince


  •  Faradh'im- also known as Sunrunners, weave thourgh the sun and moon to communicate to other sunrunners. And they get sick crossing water.
  •  Darmadhi- known as Sorcerers also do the same thing as the sunrunners but use starlight and are bad
  • Devri: Lord of Light, title granted at nine faradhi rings
  • Rialla is a gathering of Lords and Princes, which takes place every three years.
  • Dranath is a fictional herb, grown only in the Veresch Mountains of Princemarch

































































Nothing is like having two vampires in your home town, especially when one is trying

to get revenge on the other!



Simon is A vampire who is from the late 1500's to the early 1600's, before he was changed his lived and had fun like any other human being. But the thing is that Simon wasn't the only child, he also had a brother that is maybe between the ages of 4-6. They all live happy until this one man came along and told Simon's father that if he jion him his business would make more money quicker. Well after haveing him stay over for  a couple of days, he took Simon's older brother. After finding out that his brother had been kidnapped by the business man his father  set out messages across the town and the county to if anyone would have found his son. Soon time went by and poeple were putting the little boy out of thier mind. Soon  the mother had past away and the son and the father moved to a small town on the outskirts of London. Now London is the city where everyone thinks that there are plenty of Vampires, well they are correct. This is where Simion was changed by his brother to be in fact. But time to go back to the 20th century where we meet Zoe. Now Zoe is going thourgh a tough time because her mother is sick agian and has been in the hospital for a coulpe of days, and her father. Well Zoe is worrying about her mom her best friend is moveing to Orgen to live with her dad, and there has also been two deaths in town. Thus she meets simion.

     After meeting up with simion she learns what he is and his past. And Zoe finds out that its not Simion who is doing all the killing its he's younger brother.She also learns that his brother was the one who killed his. OOPS!! can't tell you got to read the book to find that out Hehe. So I  have told enough info. to catch your eye on the book and hopefully you will go check it out 'cause as far as I now it hasn't been checked out yet.

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